Miscrits is “Gemma” Knock Your Socks OFF

A short update on the fast growing popular application game of Facebook.

Miscrits has become the fastest growing sensation on Facebook applications. Now that Mount Gemma is open, there are much more creatures to behold and imprison- oops my bad- I mean capture, yeah.

There seems to be 6 elements that correlate with the various species of “Miscritmon”; water, earth, lightning, fire, wind, and nature. Lol as if nature isn’t all of those but anyway…

New animals such as, Breezycheecks and Equestrion, have been discovered and the game has a new spice to it as there is now more to do, unlock, and gain.

We all are looking forward to the openings of other areas. So far the Pokemon fetus is holding its own on Facebook and there seems to already be a wide fan base- that notably consists of ex or current Pokemon players.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates on Miscrits

For more information and FAQs on Miscrit species visit this link:


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