Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Walk-thru for Kino Der Toten for Xbox 360

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Walk-Thru for Kino Der Toten.

This is an easy way to turn on the power in the Kino der Toten map in Zombies mode in Call of Duty Black Ops. Stay in the Main Lobby until your team has a total of $9000. Then go upstairs and have someone open the door on the right. Have someone else open the next door, and someone else open the next door, and then someone else open the last door. This way everyone should have around $1250. Now turn on the power switch which is along the wall somewhere on the left.

 Keep an eye out for mystery boxes which contain good and bad weapons. One of them is in the theater, another one is in the Main Lobby. You can get there quickly by going to the teleporter, getting all 4 of your guys in there and then activating it. Now you can just wait for the mystery box between the stairs to come up.  Once you open it, it’ll give you a random weapon depending on when you hit A. If you don’t have enough money to use the teleporter, then just stay in it so the Zombies can’t attack you from the back. Then when the box comes or you have enough money to use the teleporter you can choose one.

 When the hounds start to attack, (Levels 5, 10, 15, etc . . .), run to the corner of the room, (everyone must go to the same corner), so they can’t attack you from behind. Always stay by some sort of gun just in case you need ammo.

I wish I would have known earlier that if you don’t revive someone in time, but someone else survives that round, the dead teammates will come back on the next round.  I’ve died trying to revive my teammates thinking that we would lose the match if they died.

 If you’re trying to beat Zombies mode it’s going to be hard. Some people have made it to Lvl 50 and the match still doesn’t end. Some say it’s like a survival mode.

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