Free Facebook Credits Cheat Codes

This article will show you how I generated 5000 free facebook credits using a cheat code.

If you are looking for earning or generating facebok credits without any software or investment then you have come to the right spot . In this article i will show you how i generated free facebook credits just using cheat codes and i will also give you proof that my method of earning facebook credits works and you can also do like this .

So without going into any more stupid talking i will first show you my credit proof

1st screenshot below is my credit points before applying the cheat i.e zero

After that i applied the cheat and put the number of credit i want i.e 5000

And finally i generated 5000 free extra credits , though the above image is hazy as the screenshot software i am using doen’t offer high resolutuion pictures .

If you are looking for the same thing then you can download the secret code from the link below .

I know when you click the link a survey will pop up and you have to complete it before you can download it and i know this part sucks but only because you are sharing your precious time with me i am also sharing my precious cheat code with you . 


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    Thanks for giving me this wonderful gift !

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    Posted May 2, 2011 at 7:30 am

    This is so awesome……..i would be hanging around so please share some more cheats with us………..

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    So amazing and awesome. thanks.

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