On Flash Games 31 – Love

A dextrous game with a fun presentation.

Greetings, dear readers. The thirty first (exactly as many issues as Baskin-Robbins has flavors!) issue of On Flash Games is covering Love, a single screen dexterity tester that is not unlike the previously reviewed Particles. You can give this game a spin here on Kongregate.

Love is a simple game – you take the role of the white square, which moves in the constantly resizing colored field based on the movements of your mouse. Now, this game, Love, works on an analogy of love itself – you want to get close to the other squares, but if you get too close, love will end, but you can always start again. You score happiness (points) at a rate based on how close you are to a given square, and this amount is multiplied by the number of squares you are close to, you promiscuous little quadrilateral. When you are close to a square, you also hear a tone for it, which plays in harmony with the tone every other square you are close to is playing. The game slows down while your square is in love, too.

A dreamy, wistful presentation of a great, simple game – even the menus are beautiful.

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