Terraria Hp Godmode Cheat Hack

A guide on how you can instantly heal yourself to get a god mode cheat by hacking the hit points.

Are you annoyed with monsters and the environment of Terraria always killing you at inconvenient times? Well no longer will you need to be afraid of traveling outside and in the darkness, with this hack.

Cheat Engine – Cheat engine is the program that you need to help you with HP god mode. Download it from http://cheatengine.org/downloads.php version 6.1 is recommended. Once the file is downloaded, install it and then open it. The first time you open it, you’ll be asked to do a tutorial, just say no. Click the glowing button on the top left corner with the PC button. The process list will pop up. Find Terraria.exe and double click it. At this point you will have attached Cheat Engine to Terraria.

Now you need to find out how much HP you currently have. Use your cursor (mouse) and roll over the hearts, you will see that your hp will be displayed. For example 80/100. We want to discover what address 80 is located at so we can freeze it.

We know that in my example my character has 80hp. Go to cheat engine and under the “Value:” is a text box. Enter the value of your character, I will enter 80 into mine and hit enter to activate the scan. On the right panel is a list of addresses that currently exist in Terraria that have the value 80, there are currently hundreds to millions of other addresses but we are only interested in just 1 or 2 addresses or else if we change other addresses this may cause trouble for the program and crash.

So after our first scan we want to narrow our addresss down to 1 or 2 addresses. To do this we need to change the value of HP we have. So get hurt by a monster and then check your new value (make sure that the m monster isn’t attacking you after you checked your hp – kill it or hide). Now go back to cheat engine and scan your new value. My character now has 67/100 hp. I will scan 67. Now you should have 1 or 2 addresses left, if not get hurt again to decrease your hit points and scan in your new result.

Double click the addresses on the left panel and they will be copied to the bottom panel in cheat engine. You want to now double click the value under “Value” so eg, double click the 67. Now a dialogue box will pop up, just enter 100 and press enter. On the “Active” column also on the bottom panel, click the check box. This will freeze the address so that when you get hurt the 100 hp will become 100 again. So you now have god mode.

Please note that there are things in Terraira that deal more than 100 hp, and if you character currently has 100 hp you can still die. If you die, the god mode will continue to work until you restart the game client.

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  1. Posted July 2, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    great cheat and tips!

  2. MR: Terraria
    Posted October 3, 2011 at 1:59 am

    Question: how do i turn the god mode off? Like if i’m in the game and just want it for a moment…

  3. Posted October 29, 2011 at 12:47 am

    Sorry for the late reply, you turn it off by unchecking the box to “unfreeze” the address.

  4. Lieveo
    Posted February 6, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    I cant get the location because my HP is going up at a rate of 2/second even with everything unequip, does anyone know what the location is? This fucking sucks, I dont want to deal with all that shit in the dungeons anymore…

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