How to Get Zora Mask in Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

There are four main masks that are important when you go to the main dungeons in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask. Follow the strategies here to get the mask for the third dungeon which is the Zora Mask.

Before you go to the third dungeon in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask you need to get the Zora Mask. If you’ve been exploring the main world map in Termina, you should be familiar with the beach area. You weren’t able to explore the entire beach area earlier, because there are fences blocking the entrance. These fences at the beach are the perfect obstacles for your horse Epona to jump over. Call Epona with your Ocarina Of Time and jump through the fences to get through to the rest of the beach area.

This beach is the Great Bay Coast in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask. It is just to the west exit of Clock Town if you’re not sure where to go. As you enter into the Great Bay Coast area, you’ll notice a couple of houses to the west of the water. You won’t need to go inside of the Great Bay Coast houses just yet. Walk with Link all the way out to the ocean water. There will be a lot of Leever enemies along the way. Use your sword to defeat them while you’re going out to the edge of the ocean water.

Now look for the spot in the water where the sea gulls seem to be looking at something interesting in the water.  Use Link to swim out to what the sea gulls are looking at. It’s a Zora who seems to be in some kind of trouble.  You need to help him and to do this just push the A button on your controller and guide the Zora back to the beach. Now talk to him and watch the next Legend Of Zelda cinema scene to learn about what is going on with this Zora. This Zora is actually in a band at Clock Town and he will be playing at the Carnival Of Time.

The Zora tells you how he got into this bad position. Apparently some of the Gerudo Pirates inside of this Legend Of Zelda game beat him up while trying to retrieve some stolen Zora eggs. You see, the Zora eggs that were stolen were from the leader of the band that this guy works for. This is why he went out and tried to get them back. After the cinema scene is over, the Zora will ask you to heal him. Just like before in this Legend Of Zelda game, you need to pull out your Ocarina Of Time and play the Song Of Healing.

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