How to Put The Zora Eggs in The Aquarium

Sometimes during your Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask game you can get stuck in difficult places. Are you wondering how to put the Zora Eggs in the aquarium? Follow this article below and you’ll find out how to finish the Zora Egg quest.

When you go through the Great Bay Coast in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask, you will get to a point when you need to collect the seven Zora Eggs. You don’t need to have seven bottles to complete this quest, but you might need a lot of patience if you don’t have more than one bottle. Even if you have just one bottle, you can still finish the Zora Egg quest. It’s simple. Collect one Zora Egg and then return to the marine research lab on the coast. This place is easy to find, its the house with the huge aquarium inside.

Here is how you put a Zora Egg in the aquarium. This isn’t rocket science, but you could get stuck in this part of the game. Go inside of the marine research lab at Great Bay Coast. Now inside is a huge aquarium. This would be the perfect place to put some Zora Eggs, right? Yes! If you don’t know much about the Legend Of Zelda, the Zoras have been around since the first Legend Of Zelda and they procreate through eggs. The Zora Eggs need water to hatch, so you’ll need to put every Zora Egg inside of this aquarium.

Look to the left of the aquarium, and there is a ladder there. Use this ladder to gain access to the top of the marine research lab aquarium. Walk to the very center of this tank and equip the bottle on one of your buttons. Hit the button you equip the bottle with, and the Zora Egg will be released into the water. You might get a little frustrated at this point in Legend Of Zelda if you can’t seem to get the Zora Eggs inside the aquarium. Keep moving around along the top of the aquarium and keep pulling out your bottle to release the egg. The Zelda game will let you release the Zora Eggs into the aquarium.

After you release the Zora Egg it will fall into the bottom of the aquarium. Apparently the Zora Eggs like to hatch when they are together in groups. So you will need to find all seven of the Zora Eggs before they can hatch. There is nothing special you need to do, to hatch the eggs. When you release the final egg into the aquarium, they will hatch. The professor will teach Link a new song after you finish finding all seven Zora Eggs. This is how to put the Zora Eggs inside the aquarium. It’s really simple and easy to do. Talk to the professor as Zora Link to learn the new song that you need to enter Great Bay Temple.

After you’ve learned this new song, you will be able to go to the third temple in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask. If your getting frustrated with your game and think you can’t put the Zora Eggs in, don’t give up. Keep walking along the tank and get into a spot where you can place them into the water. The bottle needs to be in place where the egg can drop into the water. This completes your Zora Egg quest. You can now finish playing through the rest of your Legend Of Zelda game, now that you know how to put the Zora Eggs in the aquarium.

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