Legend of Zelda Level Five Walkthrough

This guide will take you through the entire fifth level in the original legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This is level five from the first quest of the game.


It’s easy to get to the fifth level in this Zelda game. If you have done some exploring, then you may already know about the lost hills area in the northeast part of the world map. Go to this lost hills area and head north five times. This is the secret to finding the entrance to level 5.


As you go in the entrance, take the door to the east. Inside this room you will find Pols Voices which can be killed by using your bow and arrows. Defeat all of the enemies and take the key that appears. Go back to the entrance room you were just in and go through the only other door you see. Use your candle to light up the room and defeat all of the enemies. One of them is carrying a key. Go into the locked door to the east.

In this room you will find the old man who will tell you some secret about the boss of this level. He tells you that “Digdogger hates certain kinds of sound”. Go to the last room you were in and head north. You will find dodongos here, so make sure you have plenty of bombs for this room. Throw bombs in the mouth of the dodongos to defeat them all. Once defeated. the sealed door to the west will open.

Use your step ladder to cross the red lava part and defeat the enemies. You will receive a key once you have finished. Now go south and defeat all of these enemies. In this room place a bomb on the west wall and go into this new room. Inside you will discover lots of blue darknuts. Defeat these enemies, and then push the most far left block to reveal a hidden staircase. Take the staircase to the next room.

Inside this room, unlock the door to the west. You’ll find more darknuts in this place. Defeat all of the darknuts and then push the block to the right. Take the stairs to the treasure of this level, the recorder. If you are having problems with the blue darknuts, here are a couple of tips. Try to keep your health level completely full. If it is, you can fire sword  beams at the blue darknuts. Also, you can stand in doorways and the darknuts will not be able to hurt you. Don’t walk too far into the doorway though, or you will exit into the next room.

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