The Legend of Zelda Level Four Walkthrough

This guide will tell you where to find the fourth level. It also reveals how to go through the fourth level step by step, and tells you how to defeat the final boss.

This Zelda game is the same Legend Of Zelda game that also appeared on the Nintendo Gamecube and Gameboy Advance.

How To Get To Level 4

From the beginning of the game go north one screen. Now go west two screens. Go north one screen and you will see a boat dock. In level 3 you should have obtained the raft treasure. If you didn’t get this item, you will need to go back into level 3 and get the raft.

Go to the dock and you will automatically board the raft and head to the island that level 4 is on. This entrance will take you to level 4. You will also need a blue candle in order to go through this level. Many of the rooms are dark and require light from the blue candle.

Level 4 Walkthrough

As soon as you enter level 4, you’ll see a door leading north and a door leading to the west. Head into the west door. Defeat all of the keese bats in this room with your sword or boomerang. Pick up the key after you defeat them all. Go back to the room you were just in. Head through the north door.

In here are three Vire bat type enemies. When you attack them with a sword they will turn into smaller bats. Use your sword to destroy all of them. Now go through the locked door to the east. Use your blue candle to light up the room. Get the compass. Go back to the last room you were in.

Now go north. You’ll find more keese bats to defeat. Use your boomerang and/or sword to defeat them. After you beat them, you’ll get another key. Now go through the west door. Use the blue candle to light up the darkened room. Defeat all of the Vire enemies here. Now go through the north door.

Use your candle to light up this room. Kill the Zol enemies and pick up the key. Now head through the north door. Light up this room to and look at the blue water. You’ll need the step ladder to get across. You will get this item later in this level. Try to avoid the stun bubble enemies, as you will not be able to use your sword for a short time after touching them. Go through the locked east door.

Defeat all of the Vire enemies and the sealed door going west will open. Go into this room. Watch out for the Like Like enemies in here. If they swallow Link, he will lose his big shield. Try to kill off all of the enemies first. Push the block that is farthest to the left (or farthest to the west). This will reveal a set of secret stairs. Go through them to get the step ladder in the basement.

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