Zora Eggs Locations Walkthrough Zelda Majora’s Mask

When you make it to the pirate fortress in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask you will need to find all of the Zora Eggs. Follow this Zora Eggs walkthrough to complete the pirate fortress and continue through the world of Zelda.

After you go through the Gerudo Pirate Fortress and get the Hookshot, your next quest will be to find all seven of the Zora Eggs. Read through this article and you will discover all of the seven Zora Egg locations. Now this guide will continue from the spot in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask where you get the Hookshot. To get the Hookshot you need to go to the Gerudo Pirate Fortress and climb up the ladder in the middle, and then cross the bridge. The first of the locations of the Zora Eggs is inside of the Hookshot room.

This part is just as important as the Zora Egg collecting, and you need to do this. You’ll thank me for giving you this Legend Of Zelda tip later. While inside of the Gerudo Fortress, use your Pictograph Box and take a nice shot of a Gerudo Pirate. You will need this later to get the final Zora Eggs.

If you played through the other Legend Of Zelda game Ocarina Of Time, then you should be familiar with how the Hookshot works. The first Zora Egg location is right here in the same room as the Hookshot. Look at the wood beam about the tank here and you’ll see the familiar Hookshot circle that you can use to propel yourself to. Fire the Hookshot above the tank and go inside to claim the first Zora Egg. Since you just got the new Legend Of Zelda transformation mask, the Zora Mask, it would be wise to use it here.

Use your bottle and put the first Zora Egg inside. Now there are six more Zora Egg locations hidden throughout the world, so this walkthrough will help you get them all. Go to the entrance of the Gerudo Pirate main center and then walk along the left wall. You’ll see a spot where you can use the Hookshot to a post on the left. Go through this doorway here and you’ll have to face a Gerudo Pirate. You can use your Hookshot on the Gerudo Pirate and then you’ll want to go on the left path and to the door. There are a lot of Legend Of Zelda Gerudo Pirates here, and you’ll see another one in the next room.

Use your fighting skills on the orange Gerudo Pirate you see and then go through the door here. The door you want to go through has a skull on top of it. In here is another aquarium that is holding the second Zora Egg. Use your Hookshot and go into the aquarium. You can use your skills as Zora Link to defeat the enemies inside of the tank. You can also use your Hookshot as a weapon to defeat the fish. Use a bottle to get the second Zora Egg. These are the first two Zora Egg locations, now on to the third one.

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