Aliens vs.. Predators Evolution

Aliens vs Predators Evolution.

Amazing graphics and gameplay await players in terrifying AVP Evolution game for Android and iOS franchise Aliens vs Predators. In command of the creatures most horrible movie, players must choose their side in this terrible battle, in which humans are just a side effect. The game style Hack’n Slash takes players to experience the world of these two creatures.

When starting AVP Evolution, you choose a character to control (an alien or a predator). Playing with the Aliens, you start the game trying to save the Queen from the clutches of its kind Predators. The first mission is just to know the commands of the game, arranged on the screen as a virtual analog to control the character, and the action buttons located on the right side of the screen.

In the second part of the game as Alien, you are reborn as a “baby” and need to find a host – in this case a human. From then on, your goal is to evolve his alien attacking humans and predators. Deaths in the game are always violent and special moves can make the player run fatalities, with deaths refinement of cruelty.

Playing with predators, we practically another game, since the stages and enemies are very different. The predators have more ways to exterminate the enemies presenting fatalities worthy of Mortal Kombat. Each time you kill the enemy ending it with a fatality, you gain more energy. You can increase your predator with more weapons and abilities, including being invisible.

AVP Evolution surprises for quality graphics. The game represents the characters in great detail, with great textures and animations. The soundtrack accompanies the horror tone of the game, one of the highlights. Aliens vs Predators Evolution has versions for Android and iOS, with almost equal on both platforms.

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