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Arcadeprehacks provides free, legally hacked flash games that you can play online. Here’s a short review of the site. is a gaming site where you can play the hacked versions of your favorite flash games. Besides playing, you can also learn how to hack flash games, request a game for hacking, or just hang out at the forum where you get advice and tips on how to use the site.

I recommend that you register for the site. Mainly because when you first come to the site, it gives you a limit on how many games you can play before registering. Registration is free and quick, and once you do, you can unlock all the features on the site. The site also includes hundreds of different types of games to play, so you won’t be bored anytime soon.

You can also add these flash games onto your blog or website. Underneath the game should be a html box with the title “Copy and paste this code onto your site”. Simply copy the code and paste it anywhere in the code of your site/blog. (If you use Blogger, you can add a new gadget, select javascript/html, and paste the code in and save.)

The only problem I’ve had with this site is that some of the games either don’t load correctly or freeze up after playing a few levels. However, if you read the comments underneath the game, you can learn how to make the game work for you. Also, most of the comments are a bit negative, like “this game sucks”, but try to ignore it. Also, they have a couple of ads placed onto their site, but they aren’t annoying and they don’t  pop-up and freeze up your browser.

Arcadeprehacks is by far a great site for people who like to play flash games, hacked flash games, that is. My user name is “ilovewolves1416″, and if you need any tips please comment below or message me at

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