Best Farm Town Crop for the Money and Experience

Wondering which crops to plant? This article tells you which crops profit the most, and it provides the tools you need to chose the best crop, based on your level.


Contrary to intuition, you can make much more money by planting raspberries than by planting peppers. Cabbages profit more than coffee, and potatoes profit more than cotton. If you’re hired to harvest, you might hope for blueberries, but if you’re planting your own fields, then grapes are a better bet.

This article explains how to calculate your true profits for each crop. Scroll down to see a specific list of each crop’s total daily profit.

How to Figure It Out

You have to do a little math. Figure out how much each crop can profit per day. Factor in how much you pay for the seeds, how much you can sell the seeds for, how much you have to pay for plowing, and how long it takes the crop to grow. Use these equations:

Seed selling price – (Seed price + plowing cost) = Total crop profit

For one-day crops, the total crop profit is your Total Daily Profit.

For grapes and raspberries: Total crop profit x daily number of crop cycles = Total Daily Profit

For two-, three-, and four-day crops: Total crop profit / number of days in the crop cycle = Total Daily Profit


Let’s do an example with raspberries. (All examples presuppose a 12-hr span of gameplay each day and assume that you hire a random stranger to plow your fields.)

47 – (15 + 15) = 17

17 x 6 = 102

So, raspberries can profit 102 coins per square per day. Let’s try it with carrots:

343 – (225 + 15) = 103

103 / 2 = 51.2

So, carrots profit 51.2 coins per day. Hence, raspberries are almost twice as profitable.

Consider Experience

Plus, you should factor in experience points; if you profit six crops of raspberries each day, you will make 18 experience points per square per day (3 experience points per crop cycle; 2 for seeding and 1 for plowing). For carrots, you only get 1.5 points per square each day.

Best Crops for Each Length of Time

(So that you can choose the best crop out of whatever crops you have unlocked)

Less-Than-1-Day Crops:
Raspberries’ Total Daily Profit (6 crop cycles): 103
Grapes’ Total Daily Profit (3 crop cycles): 63
Winner: Raspberries

1-Day Crops:
Potatoes: 44
Strawberries: 40
Watermelons: 42
Cabbages: 47
Winner: Cabbages

2-Day Crops:
Tomatoes: 37.5
Rice: 47.5
Wheat: 42.5
Peas: 48.5
Carrots: 51.5
Peppers: 56.5
Winner: Peppers

3-Day Crops:
Corn: 46.7
Sunflower: 49
Coffee: 44.3
Onions: 51
Blueberries: 60.7
Pineapples: 65.6
Winner: Pineapples

4-Day Crops:
Cotton: 41.3
Pumpkins: 45.3
Winner: Pumpkins

Overall Winners (Total Daily Profit):

Raspberries: 103

Pineapples: 65.6

Blueberries: 60.7

Peppers: 56.5

Carrots: 51.5

Onions: 51

Sunflower: 49

Cabbages: 47


But don’t forget to factor in experience points. The longer a crop takes to grow, the less experience it gives you. My overall recommended crops, factoring in both money, experience, and your time, are raspberries (if you spend a lot of time in the game) and cabbages (if you don’t). You might make less money with cabbages than with peppers, but if you’re trying to level up, you will earn experience points twice as quick. 

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  2. dont panic
    Posted July 30, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    your calculations are off, you added the cost of the field, but its just a one time investment, it shouldnt be taken into account.

    the raspberries example;

    47 – (15 + 15) = 17

    17 x 6 = 102

    should be: (47 – 15) x 6 = 32 x 6 = 192


    343 – (225 + 15) = 103

    103 / 2 = 51.2

    should be: (343 – 225) / 2 = 118 / 2 = 59

    meaning the actual difference between slow and fast growing crops is even bigger then your numbers show.

  3. Posted July 30, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    Well, you have to pay to plow the field each crop cycle. You can’t plant a new crop until you plow the field, which costs $20 per square if you do it yourself, $15 if you hire a random person, and $10 if you hire a neighbor. So every crop cycle, you profit the sales price minus the price you paid for seed AND minus the price of plowing.

  4. Posted August 2, 2009 at 11:51 pm

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