Best Shyvana Build, League of Legends

The Best Shyvana Build in League of Legends.

Shyvana, the Half-Dragon

Shyvana is melee Dps champion with natural Offensive and defensive atributes. She’s pretty tanky naturaly so i would recommend build as tanky, off tank, dps champion.

Her Skill tree is very offensive, pretty much every skill is based on offense so her early game is really strong. Shyvana is really good harasser in lane so that makes up your early game. All you got to do is try farming as much as you can with your AOE abilities and harass your opponent at the same time.

Shyvana, the Half-Dragon can be played as jungler too. shes really strong in jungle, might be the strongest jungler in League of Legends. As jungler you have to start with your W skill – Burnout. It is really strong ability which hits the enemies around you. Start at Double Golems then hit the Wraiths and Wolves head to the Red buff ancient Lizard and take the red buff. Her ganking isn’t really strong aspect but if your teammates have some stuns, snares, binds, slows, or other hard crowd controll she can be really strong at ganking lanes.

As a Laning shyvana (solo top) I recomment to Build:

1 – Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions. You will get a lot of movement speed which stacks with your W so you can harass your opponent and escape posible ganks.

2 – Wriggle’s Lantern. You will get some defensive and offensive stats such as armor and attack damage and also you get life steal bonus which will greatly benefit your sustainability.

3 – Trinity Force  or Madred’s Bloodrazor . These are core items of Shyvana which will give you a lot of damage output with her abilities.

4 – Warmog’s Armor . Warmorg’s armor is one of the best items in game to get your self some HP which makes you a lot tankier and stronger.

5 – Atma’s Impaler . Im getting Atma’s Impaler as 5th item to benefit from my health bonus and also to get armor, attack damage and even Critical chance.

6 – Hextech Gunblade . As 6th item I get Hextech Gunblade which greatly empowers all of Shyvanas abilities and also gives really good offensive stats. Such as Attack damage, Ability power, life steal, spell vamp and item active. Hextech Gunblade is probably the best hybrid item in whole League of Legends.

I use 9 – 21 – 0 Masteries, Focusing my tree on defensive stats such as armor and magic ressistance to be tougher and stronger in team fights as offtanking melee dps champion.

I use Armor Penetration marks, Movement Speed Quintenceses, Flat Armor seals and flat magic ressistance glyphs. This rune settup allows me to be agressive early in the game.

For Summoner spells i take Ghost and Exhaust as solo top laner. and Smite and Flash as a jungler.

This is how i play Shyvana, the Half-Dragon.

Good luck summoners.

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