Bioshock Wonderfully Artistic But Repetitive Gameplay

With the recent delay of Bioshock two many people have seemed angered by this delay but can it be a good thing?

Bioshock is a game that promoted a Art Nouveau (google it if you don’t know it already) meets Steam Punk artistic style that really amazed artists and fans alike with amazing cutscenes and great videos leaving people excited for this game.  The art decision took a lot of time and effort just in concept pictures alone and payed off in the long run with several gamers awards for fantastic artistic direction.  But after playing the game it can get a little repeitive in gameplay especially when you fight Big Daddy’s again a great artistic direction but a repetitive battle.  With these criticisms in mind most reviewers seemed over all enjoyed with this game with some criticisms. 

So how is it all different?

First of all 2K seemed to understand that the art direction so they announced an artist series, they are going to post concept art done by several unique artists.  The first artist posting was Jhonen Vasquez of course well known for his work on Invader Zimm a television show that aired on Nikelodeon in the late 90’s.  Johnen also created a well known comic called Johnny the Homocidal Maniac which is always a fun read and includes an interesting artistic environment.  His work on the Cult of Rapture series is very unique and introduces a very different perspective on the Bioshock environment.

Delays can be a good thing.

Generally if a game comes out on its deadline it can mean one of two things, it was hastily done and we will see more bugs than you can shake a stick at.  Or the game is really short, generally people have been very displeased with the delay but it’s always important that games recieve proper troubleshooting if needed.  Game companies also need time to make the game that they want to make after all they seem to be taking a different direction in this story finally allowing you to go physically into the water as a Big Daddy.  So really even though we want to check out this game we should have patience to play a game that is properly executed that also comes complete.  We do get regular updates so it isn’t as if the game fell off of the face of the Earth, people are still to this day intrigued with the artistic direction of this game and it seems as if 2K games is sticking with this direction.

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