Black Ops Leaked?!? Whaaaa?!?!

Hd Pvrs? Capture Cards? Black Ops? Theatre Mode? Wager Matches? Leaked Gameplay? WHAAA??

With the new game additon to the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Black Ops, there is HUGE commotion going on about the long-awaited, recordable THEATRE MODE!! Also we have brand new other features like BETTING in the Wager Matches and CUSTOMISING YOUR WEAPONS! The question now is:


Or will it just be a huge fail like the last game Treyarch tried to produce,
Call of Duty: World at War?



First off, we will talk about the new Theatre Mode feature and how it affects the famous recording devices: Capture Cards. Although Treyarch has added a new theatre mode with their new game, the HD PVR’s video quality will remain unrivaled (or so it seems at this point). There is a slight chance that Theater Mode may have 1080i resolution recordings, but it is slight, so don’t go crazy buying those PVRs yet! Also, i think YouTube is gonna be filled with montage crap from the worst players ever because of Theater Mode, so thats a negative, but we shall see how it goes.


Basically this mode helps prepare you for multi-player. If you have never played multi-player before then this is a great opportunity for you to learn before you go and p0wn your friends. Now, you may be thinking, what use would I have for this after I become pro? Well here’s your answer

I was pretty good at playing Modern Warfare 2, and whenever I got a Chopper Gunner or an AC130, I would use it and the max amount of kills i used to get was about 3-4. I was so bad with them that i stopped using them and never got any nukes. Now guess what? You can practice using these weapons without having to go online and build up those long killstreaks just to practice. You can do it all locally!

Also, have you ever felt like you want to play online with your friend, but your other friend is at your house and just sitting there watching you at your house and getting bored? Well worry no more! The Combat Training mode offers playing with a group of your friends against the AI bots in the mode. This mode supports online private matches and also split screen at the same time!


Who could forget the ladies eh? Nah, just kidding we all know that CoD, strangely, only has men in it. (hmm something to think about). Well now you can earn the In-Game cash and waste it on pointless outfits instead of games! What fun! The outfits have various looks and self explanatory names, such as ‘Safari Camo’, or ‘Winter Camo’, or ‘Desert Camo’. How exciting!


Camera Spikes, Motion Sensors, Signal Jammers and many more new additions to the CoD series equipment! As for killstreaks, some new additions are:

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