Black Ops Zombies Glitch on “Five”

Table glitch on the map : “Five”

Zombies – one of the two glitches.

If you have been struggling with the ‘Five’ Zombie map on Black Ops i have come across a glitch- found by one of my friends from other people. which will make things a lot easier, however in my opinion once you cheat it ruins the game. but still everyone has tried at least 1 zombies glitch. so why not give this one a go.

i have embedded a video at the end of this post, as you can see it requires you and your teammates to stand in certain positions, if you get it right it seems as if it confuses the zombies and they don’t know which route to take. therefore they don’t attack anyone – be careful not to run out of ammo  .

The glitch allows you to pick off zombies easily and collect the money to buy all of the weapons, however be warned it does not work against dog waves, so watch out!

To be honest it is pretty hard to explain where you should stand, so watch the video below and all should become clear.

i would love to hear if this glitch worked for you, therefore give it a try and come back to let me know if it worked. if it didn’t ill work on finding a new glitch for you myself –  unless its been patched loll. or if you cant get people to do it leave a comment below and ill come give you a hand. Works ps3 and Xbox360.

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