Borderlands: Modded Guns

Released october 20TH, Borderlands is a revolutionary game in the assence of wepons.

    Borderlands was released just a couple day more than two months ago and it a revolutionary game in the essence of weapons. Borderlands contains over 17 million guns for some pure ass-kicking power(that’s more guns than every Xbox title combined all added together). So you may be asking, how did the makers or borderlands make so many guns? Well its quite simple. The makers added a weapon generator that followed the following guidelines:


The most visible way Gearbox differentiates the guns is appearance. Different colors, sizes, materials, etc.

These differences aren’t just superficial. Gearbox is trying to create a game where you already have an idea how the gun handles itself just by looking at it on the ground.

Silver weapons have a better chance of inflicting an extreme critical hit. Black weapons fire faster than mosrt other guns. Colors can also signify bonus effects. Yellow is high explosives, green is acidic, and blue is electric.

The dimensions of the gun matter too. The gun length affects stability and accuracy. Its weight affects the recoil how much the gun bounces around when you aim.

And, of course, the gun type matters. Don’t expect your smg to have the accuracy of a sniper rifle. Don’t expect your sniper rifle to have the rate of fire of your smg. This game has a science fiction setting. There’s plenty of fiction and plenty of science.


Each gun in Borderlands has a different manufacturer like Vladof, S & S, and Dahl.

In the real world, different gun makers have different specialities like Smith & Wesson with its handguns. Same deal in the game. Each gun maker in Borderlands makes guns with similar characteristics and materials.

One brand might be a crack shot at making scoped guns while another gun brand might be the master at making electical bullets. Jacobs is one that makes its weapons with almost entirely wood. (I’m guessing they don’t also specialize in making guns with incendiary bullets). There’s even alien manufacturers whose guns are rumored to have awesome and mysterious abilities(and they do).


Although you can tell a lot about a gun from its appearance and maker, the gun’s statistics will ultimately give you the best understanding of the weapon.

When you examine a gun, a box appears at the bottom of the screen with a list of stats on the gun. They include information on gun’s power/damge, accuracy, rate of fire, reload time, ammo regeneration, and the gun’s secondary effect. So if the gun data screen shows a lightning bolt with a 1 next to it, you’ve found a piece with that unleashed a low-level electrical shock with each bullet.

    Now if 17 million guns isn’t enough for you gun-guzzlers, people have now introduced modded guns. The modded guns add immensely to the weapon count but that’s not the best part. The modded guns have some extreme features that may include but are not limited to one hit kills, unreal damage rates, infinite fire, new names, new name colors, gun appearance and much much more. I myself have modded guns, in fact my level 50 soldier only has modded guns. I have the following modded guns:

  • Blast hammer (bother versions)
  • 980 combustion hellfire
  • hellfire bitch
  • anaconda
  • XX justice
  • X just
  • Stomper
  • XX stomper stomper
  • swift justice
  • swift equalizer
  • pea shooter
  • Bloody justice
  • detonating equalizer
  • swift chimera
  • wicked redemption
  • bloody chimera
  • Savage equalizer
  • recoiless destructor
  • riot stomper
  • angry wildcat
  • fearsome mongol
  • mammoth terror
  • scoped mongol
  • rainmaker
  • twisted madjack
  • twisted stomper
  • urban rifle
  • 101 big nasty
  • Eridian Blaster
  • genocide cannon
  • whitting’s elephant gun
  • fearsome stinger
  • the roaster
  • persistant havoc

I will give any of these guns away in a doup trade or for Microsoft point

My gamer-tag is xXxPaRaNoYeDxXx

I have included a video to give you a preview of the insane power of modded guns:

they really are quite something…. like nothing you have ever fired before…. forget all you know about guns… enjoy and hit me up if you wanna play/trade weapons/buy weapons

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