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One of the most enjoyable features of Zynga’s Café World is its catering orders. Each order provides a challenge, one that involves not only cooking recipes, but also collecting a certain number of specific items. Working together with your Café World friends to get the orders finished in time to earn those great, 3-Star Rating, rewards is a lot of fun. It’s no wonder that so many players search for information about these catering orders. I’ve written several guides for them, too many to make it easy to find them all just by following links in the guides themselves. I don’t think many people enjoy seeing a massive wall of hyperlinks at the end of an article!

That’s why I created this article. It’s a directory list of all the guides I have written for catering orders in Café World. This list is alphabetized to make it easier for you to find the information you need. The name of each catering order is hyperlinked to its corresponding guide, so you’ll be able to get to the guide with just one click. I’ll add to this directory whenever I publish a new catering order guide, so bookmark it and keep checking back for all your catering order info needs.

Happy Cooking!

Catering Orders

  1. 7th Inning Snacks

  2. A Fire-Cracking Feast

  3. Album Release Party

  4. Baby Naming Party

  5. Book Club Brunch

  6. Cater A School Lunch

  7. Cater The Family Reunion

  8. Cater The Fleet Week!

  9. Cook For The Campers

  10. Cook For The Crafts Fair

  11. Dinner At The Shelter

  12. Dog Show Dinner

  13. Feed The Fashion Show

  14. Kickoff Cookout

  15. Lake Party Picnic

  16. Lomi Lomi Luau

  17. Make Mardi Gras Merry

  18. Mother’s Day Celebration

  19. Movie Wrap Party {Expired}

  20. Nature Hike

  21. OK Karaoke

  22. Party at The Park

  23. Party at The Ski Lodge

  24. Picture-Perfect Prom

  25. Red Carpet Refreshments

  26. Renaissance Feast

  27. Soap Box Supper

  28. Spring Fling

  29. Valentine’s Day Dinner

  30. Wedding Rehearsal

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