Call of Duty Five – Two Player Nazi Zombies Strategy (Nacht Der Untoten)

Playing two player with your friend, and you guys just cant make it very far because your doing something wrong? This is a strategy I use with me friend when we’re playing and we can get up to round 20.

Nacht Der Untoten Strategy of zombiekiller97

1. As you begin the game with your friend player(this will be easier if you have communication with your other player) You both should decide to take one side of the main room. The east side is the side with the “help” door and window 1 and 2. The west is the side with 4 and 5 windows.

2. One of you should take the west and the other east. (Window number 3, is the shared window)

3. Start killing zombies. [do not waste ammo trying to get a perfect headshot. so aim at the torso] Do not buy Kar98 or M1 until your pistol ammo runs out. I prefer the M1 carabine.

4. As you both are blasting away zombies, try to let the zombies to take out all two by fours, and THEN kill them. As a result, you get more points by rebuilding the barriers. (this still can be a risk, snd when rebuilding turn around to make sure nothing can come up from behind you)

5. You both should maintane cooperativeness and teamwork. If one of you needs help, SAY IT. Dont just ignore your friends help and think you can take care of them your self. ASK YOUR FRIEND for help when you need it! If you are half dead and need to be revived, shout out for your friend and make sure all windows are clear and all zombies are gone for a little bit. And revive your opponent.

6. As you both gain more points, i prefer DO NOT open up the stairs. Around round 5 or 6, you both maybe have at most 4000 points.

7. The one with more points has to go and open up the “Help room” door.

8. Next, one of you should decide to cover the help room entrance. And the second covers the rest of the helproom.

9. Say the red dot is you, and the blue dot is your opponent.

10. When you get your positions, you take turns either getting something off the wall or out of the mystery box. Below are the best weapons you can have.



Browning .30 cal

Trench Gun

Double Berreled Shotgun




.357 Magnum

>Pretty much automatics, shotguns, and machine guns. And what i call “INSTA kill guns”. The guns i wouldnt prefer are ones like bolt action rifles, pistols, sniper rifles and the flame thrower. (The flame thrower might sound like the perfect thing, but NO. the flame thrower is terrible and only at its best when ending up in an insta-kill bonus)

11. As you both get your dream combination, you start killin’ zombies.

12. As you get more points, every little bit check for something out of the mystery box and keep doing that until you get the most perfect combination.AND HOPE FOR THE RAY GUN. 

TIPS: If one of you gets a ray gun, you are ought to get up to rounds 15-20. If you BOTH get the ray gun, oh snap you WILL pwn! But remeber not to use the ray gun TO much becuase you want to conserve ammo. Use it when you guys are just being out numbered like crazy, then just go rapid fire on ‘em! When there is a coffie cluts of zombies, if you have something like an MG-42 or a browning, aim “head height”. Aim for the line of fire on heads of zombies and you will get them all. Dont aim for the torso.

13. And if you guys just get completely overflowed, just open up the stairs to escape. But i dont garantee this will help you win further.

If anybody have any suggestions, comment and tell me what you think and if this worked for you.


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