Call of Duty: World at War Nacht Der Untoten Strategy

Nazi Zombie Corner strategy that works better with two or more people.

Round 1-4

 Like all nazi zombie maps, the first 4 rounds are used to get the points needed for opening doors, getting good wall weapons, and using the Mystery Box. For the first 2 rounds, you should just knife each zombie, and like on all the zombie maps, it takes one knife the first round and 2 the next one. With 5 windows on this map, there are more chances that the zombies will break in, so conserving ammo may be harder to do. By round 3, you should start shooting them 12 times and a knife, or 3 knives, to kill them for max point revenue. Some people will buy the M1 Carbine or the Kar98K off the wall and waste points, so don’t do it if you want more chances for the Mystery Box, since it doesn’t move. There are 2 ways to go on this map, but i’m only discussing one for now. By round 4, you should buy the Help door and if you have more than 2000 points after that door, then you can go for the Mystery Box once or more, as long as you have 1250 points to open the next door. Once you open the next door, you run through the doorway on you right as you reach the top of the stairs and camp out infront of the grenade refiller on the wall. If you have someone with a shotgun or a heavy machinegun, make them take care of the doorway and have one person on the window next to the chair blocking downstairs.

Round 5-20

 These rounds are not anything like the other rounds on any other zombie map. At the end of every round, make a crawler so that those who need new weapons or need ammo have time to go get some. By round 7, the zombies will start running, making the rounds much harder to keep the zombies away from the inside of the doorway. The one person who is sitting in the back without a job needs to start shooting or throwing grenades to kill the zombies to help those who need to reload more or those who run out of ammo. This cycle should work until everyone starts running low on ammo if they don’t get new weapons. By round 19, if someone hasn’t gotten the Ray Gun from the Mystery Box, then you should start spamming the box for the Ray Gun and any other machine guns.

Round 21-40

 It is almost impossible to get this far on this map specifically. For those who make it this far, i applaud you. The only advice you can receive from me or others is that you need to keep up with the rotation, make sure no one runs out randomly for a power up unless it’s clear, and that one person watches the window constantly to prevent an attack from the side, forcing everyone into the corner and getting killed. One other thing, keep the person with the Ray Gun in the back standing up and everyone else squating so that he wont get downed by his own shots.

Round 41+

 There are no tips that can help at this point besides doing your best and keeping communications lively with updates every minute or two. Good luck and happy killing =)

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