Casey Stoner Optimistic in Jerez Gp

Casey Stoner is defending world champion MotoGP very optimistic that satisfactory results can be recorded on the second series in Jerez on 29 April 2012. Technical issues can be resolved convolute the motor bike is expected this weekend.

Casey Stoner frustrated with crackling sound plus arm pump problem that appears in the series inaugural Qatar Grand Prix, 2 weeks ago. The effect, Kurri Kurri The Boy had to settle for an end to the race in third position after dominating throughout the race.

“Following in Qatar, I focus on fixing problems that arise in the PUM arm race and it’s definitely better now,” said Casey Stoner told Autosport.

In 2010 then, Stoner had experienced similar problems on his Iron Horse. So, he and all the mechanical Honda team knows how to fix it.

“We had a similar problem in 2010 and at Silverstone. Therefore, I hope it will not be a problem for us at the weekend,” added the Ducati is a former jockey.

Reflecting the optimal work has been done ahead of the crew team at the Spanish GP Jerez, Stoner is hoping a variety of disorders is no longer haunt him. “We still face similar problems that need solutions. Especially when entering and rattling sound out of the corner,” said Stoner.

Although not much like the characteristics of Jerez circuit, Casey Stoner confident can get the optimal result at Jerez GP later. Was armed with an impressive record that earned Honda in pre-season test session.

“When it is able to find a way out, we sure can get a competitive package. After a difficult race in Qatar, I looked into the series Jerez Grand Prix. We get good results in pre-season test session there,” Casey Stoner said.

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