Changes of Symbols in Patch 4.0.1

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. has published information about wow subscription the characters MMORPG World of Warcraft, which will undergo major changes in the upcoming 4.0.1 update, the message about it was posted on the forums of the European project.

WoW subscription Changes of Symbols in Patch 4.0.1

The cornerstone

Symbols are now divided into three categories:

* Basic – these characters are usually given a direct increase in damage or healing. Examples of this can be a symbol of howling wind, allowing the corresponding death knight ability to infect opponents chills, or symbol of a swarm of insects, which increases the damage of this spell the druid by 2%.
    * Big – the characters tend to enhance spells and abilities, increasing their beneficial effects. Examples might serve as a symbol of Silencing Shot, which instantly gives the hunter a unit of concentration in the case of a successful spell interrupt an enemy, but also a symbol of the ice blocks, reset the cooldown of Frost Nova whenever the magician applies the ice blocks.

    * Small – these characters are more cosmetic in nature and make life more comfortable for the character. For example, the symbol of righteousness reduces the mana cost of printing the righteousness of a paladin at 1%, and the symbol of levitation allows priests to use the levitation spell without cost reagents.

In total, the character will be nine characters – three major, three large and three small. Cell under the symbols will be provided as the growth level, and three at once (one for the main character, one at large and a snare). The first set of cells for the characters will be opened at level 25, second 50, and the last at 75.

Symbolism of hands-on

The changes affected not only categories, but also directly own character – from single-use items they have turned into permanent spells that players can learn. Although the subject that teaches character and will disappear when you use, the character will not forget this character, and will always have access to it. This mechanism would resemble the study of patterns and recipes.

In this case, the activation of a character will act in much the same as now: To activate the character, players will need to simply select it from the list, then click on the appropriate cell.

Dust-free work

With the transition from a system of disposable to permanent spells activated by the process of changing characters will be slightly different. This process is similar to the activation of the studied characters – players must select the character you want from the list and install it over the old characters. These actions and not destroy the old symbol, as before, but now they will require the use of a special new reagent – dust disembodiment. It will be sold at dealers materials Inking, or created by the Inking.

To avoid possible errors, before changing the character will appear a dialog box with the following contents: “Are you sure you want to draw this character? Existing symbol will disappear. “

Price: 1 dust disembodiment

Players can either confirm the change of character, or cancel it. We want to remind you that the old symbol will not disappear altogether, and simply be deactivated.

Collect them all!

In addition to all these changes, we have revamped the look of the windows of characters in the user interface. Now all characters on the panel organized according to type (small, large, major) and displayed similar class spells and abilities have mentors in the window, which means that they can be in the same way to sort by category “already known”, “Unavailable” “All of the characters.” In addition, players can search for characters by using key words, and the results will appear in the appropriate category.

To access the new user interface characters, players will need to open a window talents (default key: N), and then select the tab “characters.”

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