Chinese Checkers: Hop, Skip and Capture

It’s amazing that a number of pieces on a board can give way to such a brilliant game.

Play free online game of Chinese Checkeres and know more details about the game.

It’s amazing that a number of pieces on a board can give way to such a brilliant game. A very old and tradition bound game, Chinese checkers is often also called as Chinese chequers. A brilliant game which involves the movement of pieces across a board to eliminate or capture the pieces of the opponent before he/she can do so, this game is extremely engaging and intrigues the mind. It was developed in 1892 in Germany and its creation has no connections to China. The original name of the game was Stern-Halma and was changed to Chinese checkers by Jack and Bill Pressman in order to market it more effectively in the American market in the 1920s.

This wondrous game can be played in a variety of methods and there is no compulsion that at least two players must be present. The game can be played alone in one variant of the original game. There are at least three other such variations and the number of players required changes according to the variation of thegame. The game can accommodate a maximum of six people and holds ten pieces per person. In the hop variant of the game, players have to jump their pieces across using the fastest route possible into the opposite corner before the opponents manage to do the same.

In the fast paced variant, gamers are allowed to move their pieces over multiple opponent pieces in a single hop. This increases the speed of the game and its corresponding difficulty. This variant has found vast popularity in France and China. In the last variant of the game, also called as the capture variant, the pieces have to jump across opponent pieces to eliminate them from the board. The person with the maximum number of captures wins.

With such amazing versatility and rules, this game also finds its way on the digital highway (the internet) in all its variants and forms. Since the game is digital, gamers can either play against the computer or they can play against other players as well. Such a high level of competition makes Chinese checkers online extremely fun and popular. Customers can also play a version of the game which needs no opponents and the objective is to retire as many pieces from the board as possible. The game speed can be increased or decreased according to the liking of the players and as such this gives them the freedom to exercise their brain power in a very easy and systematic manner. 

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