Contract Killer Zombies Cheats

Contract Killer Zombies hints, tips and cheating codes are just released.

Contract Killer Zombies is the new horror game which was released in Android marketplace on 22 October under the category of free games. In the first week Contract Killer app did not get so much downloads because people were thought that it’s a clone version of Blood & Gore game but now its downloading and installing capacity just reached 1 million in second week.

The theme of this game is very simple, the world goes end in some apocalypse and you are hired by a group of humanity saver as a CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES and you job is to cut down maximum number of zombies. As you know there are already a lot of zombie games are available for PC, Iphone, Xbox and so many other platform and you can also play a lot of free zombie games on various online websites, so what is the specialty of this game? Well, Contract Killer Zombies is just like a Pro game with wonderful 3D animations and horrible sounds and you can make records by getting highest scores on each level.

Contract Killer Zombies Cheat Codes:-

Contract Killer Zombies is just a new entry and there are only few cheating codes are released on gaming sites including ING. These cheats and Contract Killer Zombies walkthrough are not tested by me right now because the game app creating bit troubles on Samsung Galaxy. You can kill more zombies by focusing on your surroundings because these evil zombies suddenly appears on the screen and attempts to bite and kill you, you can use a bullet proof jacket and steel safety lock to protect yourself from sudden attacks of these mad zombies.

I will share more hints and cheat codes after fully testing Contract Killer Zombies cheats game. You can also share your own experience and any cheat codes if you have in the comments below.

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