Counter Strike Source Zombie Escape

Best mod for counter strike source.

Counter strike source has mods and one of the is zombie mod.

Zombie mod is where you have to find a place and hold it until round ends so basically you have to survive.

Zombie mod maps are “zm_” and zombie escape maps are “ze_”

In zombie escape you have to survive trough a map with your teammates.

Popular zombie escape maps are:

Ze_ffiv_mako_reactor which is based on Final Fantasy IV, there is super powers called materias like wind, earth, ice, gravity, electro, fire and ultima. You can level up all these materias except earth, gravity and ultima.                 You can level by dropping a secondary weapon which is pistol and picking up the gun that has materia on it. You can only level up by picking up a wind, ice, electro, fire. Ultima gives you ++ when you pick it up so you have full upgraded materias when you pick one of above materias. 

It has a boss fight against some crab kinda thing on normal, on hard and extreme there is Bahamut from FF-IV.

Ze_predator in predator there is four difficulties, normal, hard, hyper and ultima.                                               Every difficulty has different route or a boss.. The boss is suprice suprice A predator.                                            There is also special weapons like in mako reactor, they are mini-gun, grenade launcher, alien sample (puts a fire on a ground and when zombies touch it they will be set on fire), alien device (Slows zombies), claymores, impulsor (when zombie knifes you it will charge and push zombies back for some seconds).

Ze_lotr_mines_of_moria, ze_lotr_helms_deep, ze_lotr_mount_doom and ze_minas_tirith which is the latest.

They all are made by Hannibal(spa) aka rafuron

More info about the maps on

Also come and play Steamgamers Zombie escape server which is the best there is:

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