Crossfire Badges : a Guide : an Explanation : Everything About Badges

The Crossfire Badge system has recently been introduced. It is a way for you to show off your skill and kills. So what are they all about, and what rewards are gained from this.

The Crossfire Badge system give you a little something to show off for your work. There are many tiers of badges that can be earned, some even give you a little reward. Here’s an overall guide on the new Crossfire Badge system.

Requirements to Earn Badges

Each tier will need you to complete a certain amount of kills with the selected type of weapon. There are a few requirements however.

- Must have at least 6 people in the game when it finishes

- Must be using your own gun, a gun picked up does not count. (Exception is in Elimination, Columbia excluded)

- The game must have at least 25 kills in total. (Applicable to T.D. and FFA)

Badge Types

- Soldier (Rifles, MGs etc), these could include Scar Light, M60, RPK, AK-47.

- Scout (SMGs, Pistols, Shotguns etc), these could include SPAS, XM1014, M9, Anaconda, MP5, K1A.

- Sniper (Sniper Rifles), these could include AWM, Dragunov, PSG.

- Knife (Melee, Grenades, Pistols), these could include Knife, Shovel, Soccer Grenade, Anaconda, D Eagle.

- Elite, this is achieved once you have obtained all of one class.


The tiers are all the same for every type of badge so I will generalise it here.

(Class) C Grade Level 1

(Class) C Grade Level 2

(Class) C Grade Level 3

(Class) B Grade Level 1

(Class) B Grade Level 2

(Class) B Grade Level 3

(Class) A Grade Level 1

(Class) A Grade Level 2

(Class) A Grade Level 3

The highest badges for each class are shown below,

Soldier A Grade Level 3

Sniper A Grade Level 3

Scout A Grade Level 3

Knife A Grade Level 3

Elite A Grade Level 3


The rewards from every badge seem to vary from player to player, but the GP earned is consistent. Some players report receiving various items such as Muzzle flame, flash bang, even up to D Eagle Scopes for 7 days. Personally I have not received nothing but GP.

The following is unfinalised, please feel free to give the GP rewards you got from earning a certain level of badge,

C Grade Level 1 – 2k GP

C Grade Level 2 – 5k GP

C Grade Level 3 – 20k GP/ Blue Muzzle 7 Day

B Grade Level 1 -

B Grade Level 2 -

B Grade Level 3 -

A Grade Level 1 -

A Grade Level 2 -

A Grade Level 3 -

Hopefully this explained the new crossfire badge system better to you.

Happy Gaming


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    My name is ASPKICKA666(i changed my name from buttkicker10)

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  3. bean bundat
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    I thought the badges affect your skills (if you use rifles and level up your badge you get “much” better) but it would seem not so with your explanation nc1 though

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