Crysis Review

A review I did on the Crytek game: Crysis.

The game Crysis was a personal favorite of mine.  It had almost everything I love in a game, open game-play, lots of guns, good effects, and it makes my computer cry. all of these things all wrapped up in crytek’s 2007 release.

Crysis game cover 

As crysis grew in popularity, so did its criticisms.  People on forums and reviews said that its A.I system lacked the “intelligence” part of “artificial intelligence.”  I disagree, the games almost magical effects and realism allow for a constantly changing world, the A.I copes with that as best it can. 

The story-line in crysis is admittedly short.  this is made up for by replay value,  enemy’s will react differently every time you attack, a wide range of vehicles and weapons.  the only thing about its storyline that bugged me was the 

[spoiler alert!]

 Aliens at the end, and the deep freeze

Crysis is widely credited as having the most photo-realistic graphics of any game. it is currently being contested with games like Call of Duty: modern warfare 2.

Examples of photo-realistic graphics

The game also had something that I’m especially fond of, a level editor.  It just so happens to be the same program that was used to design the game itself, so it is NOT a cheaply made click and drag system.  So anything you do/see in the singleplayer campaign, you can make using the Sandbox2 level editor.

The games physics engine is fantastic, if it should break, it will break.  Say there is a house with two guys in it, You could cloak and sneak in.  Grab a chair, and smash it over one of the guard’s heads.  then run into the other room, grab the other guard by the neck and throw him through the wall to make an exit. Or you could throw a grenade into a window and simply collapse the house on them.  trees will break where ever you shoot them, then you can pick up a piece of your newly cut down tree and kill someone with it.   

Crysis is a fully customizable game, all of the guns you have in the game can be customized in-game, on the fly. If you need to kill someone silently, you could attach a silencer and a scope. or a tranquilizer attachment.  Crysis also has a totally unique nano-suit.  this suit allows you to become about three times as strong as a normal human, run and do things faster, cloak to sneak around, or have twice the health.

 all of these things make for an unforgettable experience with crysis.  You can buy crysis on steam, or in stores.

Liked it
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