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Description of Travian, Tribal Wars and The West.

Description of:

  1. Travian
  2. Tribalwars
  3. The-west

These games are free online multiplayer games. You can make a free account, and play. You can also pay, if you do, you will get an advantage.

Travian is a game in which you will have to build one or multiple villages. You start with one, and have the choice out of three races. Each of these races has a few good and bad things about it. There are three advantages. One race has better attack capabilities, one race has better building options and one with the best defense options. There are a lot of ways to play this game, but you should do what would be best for your race. The main goal is to get the biggest villages and armies. With armies you can steal resources from other players, and the further you get in the game, the better the soldiers you can train. It could be smart to start and immediately go join an alliance. It gives some protection, you learn to know new people and the teamwork part could be a huge advantage.

Tribalwars is almost the same, but it isn’t as much about teamwork. And the part of expanding is harder. Faith is one of the differences compared to travian. Meaning that your villages and soldiers are stronger when withing a certain ‘faith radius’, because of churches you can build in your cities. Another limitation for expanding.

The-west is a game in which you are some sort of cowboy. You can do many tasks on the land for which u get money and experience. If u level up you can do more of these tasks and create even a city for you and friends. With the money you can upgrade and expand the city or get better equipment. There also are few quest givers in the game which mainly give experience after you finish with their quests.

All three games are played for free and with other people on the Internet. Travian is most fun because you really have to work as a team and think about a strategy, but most of all because it looks nice. If u play a short time you might think it’s a childish game, but the older people usually don’t let other people know. There are teams of more then 20 or 30 players that are adult. There also are a lot of people around 16-20 because the younger people usually get bored fast and quit. Tribalwars is the same concept, however it focuses more on conquering others, then building from scratch. And The- west is completely different. I can only advice to check it out so you can make your own opinion.

Hope this helped you, and feel free to send some messages if you have any further questions!

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