Donkey Kong Country Returns 4-k Jagged Jewels Puzzle Pieces

This article for the Nintendo Wii game of Donkey Kong Country Returns will help you find the puzzle pieces. Read through the video game tips right below to finish level 4-K.

You are almost done with the fourth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns. In this next level, there are five puzzle pieces to collect. The first puzzle piece for stage 4-K Jagged Jewels is inside of the third iron pot in the level. These iron pots can be broke open by doing a Donkey Kong ground pound.

The iron pots that are referred to here are all throughout Donkey Kong Country Returns. They kind of look like a brown lamp shade or a brown lava lamp. Count them as you go through the level, and do a ground pound on the third one for the first piece. Continue through this level with Donkey Kong and keep counting these iron pots.

In the fifth iron pot, do another Donkey Kong ground pound to get the second puzzle piece. These puzzle pieces can be hard to get because of all the spikes around. Try to avoid getting hit and look for a chance to do a ground pound. Keep going and you will see the third puzzle piece for Jagged Jewels.

It’s easy to spot as you will see it flying on top of a moving spike. The way that Nintendo has placed this piece, you can die in the process if you are not careful. Wait until the spike is moving downward, then jump across with Donkey Kong to get it. Trying to get this one while the spike is going down, is the easiest way to do it.

Continue on through the stage and you will see the fourth puzzle piece at the bottom of the screen. This one is also a little bit tricky, as there is a spike coming down from the top of the ceiling. Quickly dash and jump with Donkey Kong quickly, and you will move over the puzzle piece and obtain it. Wait until the spike is all the way up.

As you go through this level of Jagged Jewels, do a Donkey Kong ground pound on every iron pot you see. That is, if you are not risking your life. Inside you will usually find some bananas that will help you in your game. Also make use of the Diddy Kong jetpac to fly over tough spots.

Keep going and you will see the fifth puzzle piece for level 4-K near an arrow barrel. How do you get this last piece? It is really simple as long as you don’t let this barrel fool you. You don’t need to use the barrel to shoot up to get this. Instead, shoot in the barrel to the platform. From here, jump back over and use Diddy’s jetpac to fly over and grab the puzzle piece. When you get it, drop back down into the barrel to shoot over safely. This is how you get all the puzzle pieces for level 4-K Jagged Jewels in Donkey Kong Country Returns. There is plenty of more help you can find for this Nintendo Wii game. For more Donkey Kong Country Returns game tips and other video game strategies please check out the article profile located right here.

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