Donkey Kong Country Returns 5-2 Clingy Swingy Puzzle Pieces

The next world to find puzzle pieces in is called 5-2 Clingy Swingy. Go through these Nintendo Wii video game tips for Donkey Kong Country Returns in the article right here below.

Nintendo has put in five puzzle pieces for this next level in Donkey Kong Country Returns. The first puzzle piece is right after you swing on the big structure and get the kong letter k. After you get the kong letter k, and see the DK barrel, look at the top of the screen. On a platform up there you will see a yellow plant.

You need to take Donkey Kong up to this platform, and do a Donkey Kong ground pound at the yellow plant. The first puzzle piece for Clingy Swingy will come out. You can reach this upper platform by bouncing off of the flying blue enemies, and then by using the Diddy Kong jetpac to fly over.

The second puzzle piece for level 5-2 Clingy Swingy is coming right up after the first one. Shortly you will come to the purple pig checkpoint. From where this checkpoint is, look directly up in the sky for a bonus barrel. To reach it, you need to bounce off of the flying enemies to get up higher in the air.

This is another Donkey Kong Country Returns bonus room where you need to collect everything within the given time. Collect everything, then get the next piece. Continue on and very shortly you will come up to where the next one is. Look for the swinging pendulum platform, and on the right side of it is another yellow plant.

Do another Donkey Kong ground pound on this yellow plant to find the third puzzle piece. You’ve now almost found all of the puzzle pieces for level 5-2 Clingy Swingy. Nintendo has stuck in just two more to find, so lets get going to find the last two. Keep going just past the second purple pig checkpoint.

Shortly after you go past the second purple pig checkpoint, you will come across a huge swinging set of wood logs. There is some grass to climb on, and in the middle the grass section is broke. At the bottom of where this wood log platform is swinging, is the kong letter n. At the top area of the swinging logs, is the fourth piece.

To reach the top, wait until the swinging log platform swings as high as it can go towards the right. When it is at its highest point towards the top right, quickly jump up with Donkey Kong and use the jetpac to go left. You should reach the top part of the wood log platform, and you can get the fourth puzzle piece. This is the hardest one to obtain for this stage, the fifth puzzle piece for 5-2 Clingy Swingy is easy to get. You will see it on a circular grass platform. Just walk around in a circle and avoid the enemies to get it. This is how you get the five puzzle pieces for 5-2 Clingy Swingy in Donkey Kong Country Returns. If you would like to read more Nintendo Wii video game tips and other info please check out the profile right here.

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