Don’t Make These Newbie Mistakes in Ikariam!

Ten things you should NEVER do in Ikariam when you start out.

A list of ten things you should never do in Ikariam.

1. When starting out, do NOT skip the tutorial. Even if it is your third account, the tutorial will give you a lot of resources, like gold, marble, wood, and even ambrosia, not to mention it upgrades buildings for free!

2. Limit the amount of soldiers and boats you have in Godly Protection mode. It is unnecessary, and it will cost a lot.

3. Likewise, try to limit the wine intake. More wine will make your people happy, but once it runs out, there’ll be a riot.

4. Try and join an alliance before upgrading to a level five Town Hall. This will ensure that nobody will attack after you get out of Godly Protection mode.

5. Try to maximize resources and scientists, this will help you prepare for a better economy.

6. When researching, don’t research as many military or naval upgrades at first. Try economy, as this will help you enable mining for your precious resource.

7. Although I don’t do it, you may want to create a temple when you’ve researched it, and increase your faith, so that if you need help, the gods will help you.

8. Try your best to upgrade your walls equal to your Town Hall, and Hideouts should be at least one level higher then the Town Hall.

9. If you’re running low on resources, try attacking the Barbarian Villages. They usually have resources that you may need.

10. Don’t upgrade to level a five Town Hall, or colonize, or attack anyone until you’re ABSOLUTELY SURE that you can’t do anything anymore with a level five Town Hall.

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