Ea April 2012 Server Closures

Taking out a few online achievement games.

By now any games knows that big publishers such as EA and 2K often take down online servers on some of their older games in order to save money. It makes us all mad everytime this happens but its just something we have to live with! In this round of takedowns  there are a few games that have online achievements. I will list each game that has server closures in April below.

  • Burnout Revenge
  • Create
  • EA Sports Active 2
  • The Godfather 2
  • EA MMA
  • NFS: Prostreet
  • The Saboteur
  • Spare Parts

I am surprised to see that Burnout Revenge has lasted this long as it was released basically at the xbox 360’s release. The game that really sticks out at me on this list is EA’s MMA. The reason being is that this game had an online pass. Even though companies have begun charging us to play online if we buy used they still shut down the servers? There has to be a few people that just bought a pass last month and are now getting news of the server being shutdown. Many people have heard about NFS: Prostreet’s shutdown because a before impossible online achievement has been made possible so people can get it right before the server closes. Along with EA helping out on that, MMA has a 20x XP event going on until the server closes to help people get the online ranking up achievements out of the way! In a way this is unfair to people that legit got the achievement but the majority of people will be happy with this news. It is sad to see that Create was only released a little over a year ago and it is already been shut down.

If you need to get any online achievements in the above games, you have until April 13th 2012 to get them. Good luck everyone!

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