Epsxe 1.6.0 Fully Configured [Download]

A tutorial on how to download and use ePSXe 1.6.0 fully configured.

So, what is ePSXe?

ePSXe is a PlayStation emulator, which allows you to play any PlayStation 1 game on your computer for free.

Sounds good! So.. where do I download it?

Usually you could download ePSXe in many websites, the problem is that those sites do not include the BIOS, and without the BIOS you can’t play. Fortunately for you I already have the BIOS and so I’m offering a link for the BIOS AND the emulator fully configured! You can download it here.

So I downloaded it, now how can I start playing some games?

First you should set your keyboard preferences to play. To do this, first open ePSXe. Then go to Config>Game Pad>Pad 1.

Then a screen like this one should appear:

Set the keys to whatever fits you well. If you want to play any 2 player game instead of Pad 1 choose Pad 2 and set different keys. The emulator also allows you to play 4 player games by choosing Multi-pad, however it can be sort of hard if you don’t have any Joystick, since there won’t be enough space for all of you to play correctly.

Alright, alright. Just tell me how to play a game!

Sure. First of all, to play a game on a emulator you need a game’s ISO. ISO are files that contain the game data. There are many great sites where you can find a game’s ISO, but here is one I particularly like.

Now after you’ve downloaded a ISO of the game you’d like to play, it’s time to finally actually play! First run ePSXe, then go to File and select Run ISO. A window will come up for you to search for the ISO file, just double-click your recently downloaded file to open it and the game should start!

Finally! Anything else I should know?

Yes. First, when you want to close ePSXe don’t just click the red X button. If you do, the emulator will stop running but you’ll still hear the game music. To properly close ePSXe, press Esc. This will pause the game and return to ePSXe’s main menu. From there you can normally close it pressing the X or going to file and selecting Exit.

Also, ePSXe has it’s own save/load feature. While in the main menu of ePSXe (after pressing Esc like previously) you can go to Run>Save State and choose a slot. Of course you can always use the game’s own saving feature, but remember these times where you confront a lot of enemies without being able to save? When you lose you’ll have to start all the way back from where you saved, and that’s where ePSXe’s saving feature comes useful, since you can Save and Load at any point in any game!


Q: Help! After I choose the ISO the screen keeps black and the game doesn’t start!
A: Then it’s most likely the ISO’s fault. There are a lot of ISO that don’t work, so when you find one, you must find a working one.

Q: How can I play in full-screen mode?
A: In order to play in full-screen, before running the ISO go to Configuration>Video. Then in the new window click Configure. A bigger window will show up, and in the top left corner you should find the Window and Full-screen mode. Just click the Full-screen one and press OK in both windows.

If your question isn’t posted here, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Always remember to check the other questions first so that you don’t repeat an already solved question.

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