Evony (Age1) Troops

Good troops to have depending on city types.

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note: this is age 1

its been quite awhile since i have last posted a guide, so here i go with a guide about what troops to have depending on what type of city you have.

As you know there are different city types int eh game called Evony, i wont go though them in depth here check out my guide that I’m writing straight after i submit this, it will be called Evony city types.

If you have a war city you will want about 100k workers, about 400k warriors, 200k scouts, 200k pike man, 200k Swordsman, between 200k and 500k archers about 10-50k cavalry and 10-50k Cataphracts, about 6-30k Ballistas and about 6-30k Carts.

If you have a resource city (lumber, iron, food, stone) its best to have about 50k Workers, 200k warriors, 200k scouts, 50k pike man, 50k swordsman, and either 50k archers or 100k Archers and about 10k cavalry and 10k Cataphracts, about 10k carts, and 6k Ballistas.

If you have a farm city (this is a city where you farm NPC’s) its best to have about 6k carts and 6k Ballistas, 20k workers-archers, about 3k cavalry, 3k Cataphracts.

will be writing more guides so check up soon.

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