Getting Rich in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Scott’s Guide to getting rich in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction.

I’ve played Diablo 2 since the day it came out, been through numerous patches, met numerous friends both in the game, and out of the game who played as well. Some folks have no issues becoming wealthy in game, while others will struggle constantly with little result. Should you try the following practices, I guarantee that you will find a way to, as they say “make the juice worth the squeeze”.

The Basics:


As we all know, most of the useful loot you obtain in Diablo 2 comes from monsters, with the exception of the occasional decent chest drop. But it is the nature of loot to drop randomly. This makes farming a specific rare item a difficult task indeed… with the exception of hellfire torches (and all items leading up to uber trist), runes from countess and forge, as well as the annihilus from the Dclone who must  be “hunted” if you want to kill by anything more than a random chance.

However, loot drops are not completely random. Each monster has a loot “table”, a simple list of loot that it can drop, with a different equation for each item. This table is different on each difficulty, ie: Normal, Nightmare(Nm), and Hell.

Part of the loot algorithm for each monster is an equation for whether or not another item will drop, in the case of multiple item drops. This is why sometimes, even after what can seem like the longest most difficult battle that you KNOW you deserve some recognition for… nothing drops, leaving you empty handed.

Being in a game with more people exponentially increases the chances of more items. There are programs to determine drop % for each monster and item, with features such as difficulty select, as well as MF amount, one such program is called “Atma”, an acronym that just so happens to share a name with an npc from act II. The program itself is more than just a drop calc, but the calculator is one of its many features.

For most items, farming one specific monster is again, ridiculous. Drop rates are random, or extremely low. However, farming specific monsters, like bosses, in the hopes that a good item in general will drop is common practice, and the basics for our first, and the most commonly known money making strategy in Diablo 2, MF’ing.


Mf’ing, short for “Magic Finding”, is the process of rushing through bosses, super unique, elite, or just high level monsters in general. The more you kill in the less time, the better. Nearly every Diablo 2 player has repetitively mf’ed to obtain good items. Due to the shear amount of monsters you may fight on the way, or during your mf run.

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