Hottest Final Fantasy Girls

When a series becomes as prolific as Final Fantasy, it’s expected that fans will begin to squabble over who’s the hottest. Check out this top ten of the hottest Final Fantasy girls!

10.) Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII. Not the friendliest girl on this list, by far, but Lightning definitely isn’t hard on the eyes. She can beat your butt down, as well, and is potentially one of the physically toughest Final Fantasy females around.

9.) Aeris/th, Final Fantasy VII. Nice face, nice body, nice fashion sense. The jean jacket is a bit cheekier than you might think for this mysterious young woman, and it’s a shame she didn’t stick around to further woo Cloud. Yeah, really shame she… took a sword to the back… ouch. Still hot!

8.) Jihl Nabaat, Final Fantasy XIII. So she’s a villain. So she doesn’t last that long. So she’s a bi… jerk. So what? Jihl, if nothing else, is proof that more girls in glasses need to make their way into Final Fantasy games.

7.) Celes Chere, Final Fantasy VI. A former Imperial general and the center of a large, romantic subplot in her game, Celes is a tragedy waiting to happen – and quite an attractive one at that.

6.) Yuna, Final Fantasy X. A timid summoner turned still-kinda-timid treasure sphere hunter, Yuna’s the number two eye candy of the Final Fantasy duo, and no eyesore at that. Say what you will about Final Fantasy X-2, you gotta love those shorts.

5.) Rydia, Final Fantasy IV. When players started out in Final Fantasy IV, they probably never thought that little green-haired cherub Rydia would turn into a long-haired, emerald beauty. But so it was, and boy were we glad to have her back, considering she could summon up things even stronger than her own charms.

4.) Illua, Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Another villain, this time a major one – though she didn’t get nearly as much screen time as she should have. Illua was one tough mother of a boss, and quite a nice sight… just a shame she wasn’t rendered as something a bit less cartoony. Oh well… blue hair! Blue hair on a hot girl!

3.) Lulu, Final Fantasy X. Her gaze could kill, and she looks about as inviting as a coiled rattlesnake. Still, her frosty looks remain as hot as Palm Springs. Just don’t get her mad.

2.) Rinoa, Final Fantasy VIII. Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky. One of the spunkier, more ill-advised heroines in a Final Fantasy game, Rinoa is nevertheless the perfect spar for girl-favorite Squall. Why? ’cause she matches his hotness, though she caters more for the guys than the gals. Gotta love that smile.

1.) Tifa, Final Fantasy VII. The reigning queen of, er, naughty pictures that we won’t talk about here, Tifa sat solidly in the dreams of every teenager who picked up Final Fantasy VII when it first came out. Why?

C’mon. You know why.

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  1. Posted January 11, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    I like number 10,9,8,4 only. You really put efforts.though not familiar with these characters but i just enjoy comparing who is more beautiful.

  2. Posted April 4, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Id say its more like

    1: Lightning
    2: Tifa Lockheart
    3: Jihl Nabaat
    4: Aerith Gainsborough
    5: Yuna FFX-2
    6: Ashe
    7: Rosa
    8: Quistis
    9: Lulu
    10: Lenna (red haired version)

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