How to Beat Dyne in Final Fantasy Seven

Learn tips on how to level up faster in the Sony Playstation game Final Fantasy 7. Plus also discover strategies on how to finish off the Dyne boss.

Before getting into the Dyne boss, here are some tips on getting your levels higher for Final Fantasy VII. You can go to Junon and send your levels to a new height. In the middle of Junon is a sewer section where there are Shinra Soldiers inside. However, you will need to activate a red switch in order to battle the soldiers.

Turn on the red switch, and this will activate an alarm. Now with this alarm turned on, you will be able to encounter random enemies. There are some enemies here that have a high number of hit points here. With a group of three enemies together, its possible to get over 2,000 experience points after just one battle. You will also get a good amount of AP here too. Remember to use your healing magic in the battles, and also to make use of the inn in the town.

Dyne has several different kinds of attacks. One of his most difficult attacks in the Molotov Cocktail, that will do a lot of damage to your party. So what can you do to defeat this boss?

Be sure to make use of your healing magic, while the Dyne boss is attacking. Let him attack you so your limit bars will fill up, healing your party up while he is attacking you. Keep dealing out limit breaks and you should finish off this boss.

You can also use poison on Dyne to help take him down. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with the boss if you use your limit breaks. He only has 1,200 hit points, so it shouldn’t be a long fight.

This is all there is to defeating the Dyne boss in Final Fantasy 7. Just make use of your limit breaks and keep healing up to win this battle. This boss isn’t too hard, but more bosses coming up in Final Fantasy 7 will be more difficult.

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