How to Beat Reno in Final Fantasy 7

This is the fourth boss in the Playstation game Final Fantasy VII. This is the first time that you encounter Reno and fight him in the game.

This is one of the early bosses, so the battle is not too difficult. The fourth boss fight is with Reno. Reno uses his special ability called pyramid, and if all of your characters get trapped into a pyramid, it will be game over for you. When a character is trapped in a pyramid, you can’t do any kind of actions. So how do you get past boss #4 in Final Fantasy 7?

Anytime that Reno traps a character in a pyramid, hit that character with one of your turns. No you will not do any hit point damage to your friend, but you will be able to free them from the pyramid. Keep using your attacks and magic power on Reno, and continue to keep freeing your party members if they become trapped.

Reno will also try to take you down with his electro-mag attack, and normal attacks. The ones to watch out for though, are the pyramid attacks. Having the restore materia paired with all will help you finish off this fourth Final Fantasy boss. Here is another tip you might need to defeat Reno. Be sure to steal items from the soldiers on the 67th floor. You can get Carbon Bangles, and a sword called the Hardedge to up your defense and strength.

With these other items that you can only get by stealing at this point in the game, you can easily defeat Reno. That is all there is to defeating the fourth boss in Final Fantasy 7.

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