Farmville Quick Levels & Money: How to Plant, Plow and Harvest Twice as Fast

This small guide will help you earn quick money and easy levels in farmville. It will also tell you a little trick to plant, plow and harvest twice as fast.

Quick Money


Right now the fastest way to make money is by planting super berries and harvesting every two hours. They cost 10 coins, and plowing cost 15 coins, to make a total cost of 25 coins. They can be sold for 100 coins, and are ready in 2 hours, meaning you get a profit of about 38 coins per hour, the highest any crop can give. If you do this all day, you will get rich fast. Now, if you don’t have the time to go to your farm every two hours tomatoes are the way to go. They cost 100 plus 15 plowing cost and you can sell them for 173 coins. They are ready in 8 hours and will give you a 58-coin profit, or 7.25 coins an hour.  *Update* Sorry guys, but super berries are no longer available! They were only a weekend fan appreciation special item. Just go for tomatoes for quick money, they are the best crop profit per hour.


Another great way to get money and Xp is getting rewards. There is a complete list of rewards in the Farmville application. Most of the require you to spend large amounts of money, so I advise you to plant first.

Fast Levels

Once money is not a problem, the easiest way to level up is to plow fields, plant soybeans, and then delete them and do this again. This will cost 30 coins per batch every time you do this (15 for plowing and 15 for soybean seeds) and will give you 3 exp. (2 exp for planting and 1 for plowing). If you are to lazy to do this, you can plant berries and harvest them when they are ready, (except raspberries which give 0 exp.). Also, you can buy buildings or decorations, which will also give you lots of Xp.  Something great to buy is a tractor, which will give you lots of XP. and will also let you plow four times as fast.

How to Plant, Plow and Harvest twice as Fast

They way to this is very simple. You have to trap your farmer in order for him not to move. This way, he won’t have to move all the way to a place to do anything, and he will do it from a distance, saving you a great deal of time. You can use almost anything to trap him, from fencing to hay bales.

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