Fastest Way to Level Up Dungeoneering

Many people people are trying to figure out the best way to get fast XP for Dungeoneering because it is a very slow skill to train. So I will tell you the fastest way that I have found to train Dungeoneering.

What you want to do is not join a party. Joining other parties mean it will take longer to complete dungeons and more deaths because of much harder monsters. So always go Dungeoneering by your self. To do so, you must click on your ring to start the party then you want the difficulty set at 6 and you want to start on the lowest floor and slowly work you way up, this way your prestige XP slowly go’s up with every dungeon that you do. Its the prestige XP that really makes a huge difference. After you have done all the dungeons, always reset your progress so you can do the dungeons over again. Make sure that when you are Dungeoneering solo that you do not go were you normally go if you were Dungeoneering with a group of other players in the middle of the castle but through the small in trance on the right or left, as you enter the castle. When Dungeoneering solo, you want your dungeon size small, it will ask you as soon as you try to enter the dungeon. This way you can complete your dungeons faster and move on to the next one. There is no penalty of XP when clicking “small” for dungeon size. It can also be very helpful to bind items. To bind you simply left click on the item and click bind, now that item will stay with you for every dungeon you go to. Sadly you can only bind one item, so I would prefer binding a good weapon so that you always have one. The only way to get rid of a bound weapon is by destroying it. If you keep on repeating this process you will be leveling up much faster then most players.

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