Flyff Magician Full Guide

FLYFF Magician Full Guide.

Level 1-15 Vagrant

- Don’t add “K” skill points on vagrant abilities, you wont get them back!

- Add your “H” skill points on STR, you will get them back once you do the Magician job.

- Get Buffs on the Buff Pang.

- Level 1~7 kill Pukepukes.

- Level 7~10 kill Urchin Demians.

- Level 10~15 kill Bangs.

Magician Builds

-Pure Int

Very high attack, but low defense. I Use this one.

-20 Sta then Full Int

You can give up a bit of your magic attack to get defense.

Skill Builds

-Add 5 to Mental Strike (I Don’t recommend you to max this).

-All Around

Add skill points on all the elements (My Favorite).

-Element Pure

Focus on only one element.

Training Your Way To 60

15~18 – Bangs

19~22 – Flybats

23~25 – Pumpkins

26~31 -Jack the Hammers

29~33 -GiggleBoxes

34~36 -Rockmuscles

36~39 -Dumb Bulls

38~42 -Cardpuppets

42~45 -Tombstone Bearers

46~52 -Leyenas

50~53 -Steamwalker

53~58 -Zombiger

56~60 -Nuttywheel

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