Free 3Ds Eshop Points

Hey all you 3ds gamers, If you would like some free 3Ds eShop points you have come to the right place. All you do is complete the Short tutorial and you will have your free Points cards.

To get some free 3ds eshop points all you do is complete the video tutorial.  As of now the 3ds in not available or released.  But if your reading this and the 3ds was already released then just start now and get yourself some free games and points as soon as possible.  If it hasnt come out yet just start earning money, so you can purchase your points on the release.

The Video Is For Free 3ds Games But This Site Works With Any Product From Amazon, So You Can Get Your Free Points From Amazon As Well.

VIDEO GUIDE – Click HERE for Video Link

How points2shop works

The website works pretty simply but it questions many in if it actually works and also gives many people the idea that its all a scam.  Here is where you are mistaken.  The site is paying you for the completion of offers and surveys in quite a few ways and paying you with real money not made up like some people believe.  The surveys Points2shop supplies to the community are from major and not so major companies trying to expand their ideas to the public.  The offers/surveys go question to question on how the business should change for the better.  For example if it was a Com-cast survey they would pay you to answer questions that may help them in fixing their own business.  The money com-cast pays you is in their benefit and yours.  They pay you a small amount of cash from about $00.50 – $7.00 so they can get a public opinion of their own business (offers may take 2 minutes or 20 min depending on the payout). Points2shop also makes money form the surveys, the business supplying Points2shop with the survey gives Points2shop a set amount of money per survey completed and then Points2shop gives a percent of that money back to the user completing the survey. 

***Make Sure to get started now so your free 3Ds games and points can come on Release Date***

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    3DS I am using and wont let me

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    idk if this works but i may try it…

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    idk if this works but i may try it…

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    im a wanker and i like it

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