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Facebook’s Backyard Monsters is a popular real time strategy game. Earn free Shiny, the premium resource, to boost your base and army.

Backyard Monsters is a real-time strategy game based on Facebook (and bebo) and was developed by the Casual Collective. As of 2011, over 3.5 million monthly active users are playing Backyard Monsters.

The game is designed in a cartoon demi-3d fashion with the user set in a fictional “backyard” environment – as if you were building on your lawn. Your task is to build up your base in order to create an army of ooey-gooey monsters which the user can use to raid and attack other Backyard Monster players (including friends!). The main building is your town hall which is the primary requirement for all other buildings and upgrades.

The economy of Backyard Monsters is centred around Twigs, Pebbles, Putty and Goo – stuff you “may” see in a backyard. Each resource is used in building or generating upgrades and creating new monsters for your army. There is a premium resource known as Shiny, which is a virtual currency of Backyard Monsters and is used to get premium boosts, upgrades, monsters, buildings etc – it is the premier resource and comes in a short supply.

You can sometimes harvest small amounts of Backyard Monster shiny from mushrooms, but the player also has the option of buying Backyard Monster shiny with paypal directly from the game.

However, you can also earn Backyard Monster shiny through GPT, as it allows you to be rewarded with Facebook Credits which can be used to get the premium resource of shiny – and lots of it.

The main GPT for obtaining free backyard monster shiny is sickfreestuff. Simply sign up, validate and log in (you do not need personal information or a credit card, this is simply a social earning site). Click Earn Points at the top left and do anything there. Go to the reward gallery, choose Gift Cards, and select Facebook Credits. Redeem your credits with your reward points and get your free backyard monster shiny that way.

It takes about 3 hours to earn 500+ backyard monster shiny at the current rate – although you can probably earn faster than me as I tend to get sidetracked!

You will also receive 250 as a bonus for joining the community – it is really that simple.

Again, check it out at, and it’s one of my sponsers!

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