Free Level 123 RuneScape Account

A competition for a free level 123 runescape account.

Rune scape is a free multiple player on-line role-playing game. You can do quests, train 25 different skills, play games and have fun with your friends! I do not, by any means, claim that I own this game.

Do you want to win a free level 123 Rune scape account? Try this competition!

To win, you just need to send me a message answering these questions:

1-Are you familiar with Rune scape?

2-How long do you use computer a day?

3-Do you have a Rune scape account?

4-Do you play other on-line games?

5-Why do you want to win?

6-Can you afford membership?

7-Do you know much about Internet language?

8-Can you type fast?

As you see you don’t need more than honest answers to win! So why not try? Good luck!

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