Free Minecraft Download (2011)

This article will help you understand what Minecraft is all about. I will furthermore give you a direct link to a the full free game as well as a link to a YouTube video of a nice fella’ who will guide you through the whole thing. Enjoy!

What is “Minecraft”?

Minecraft is a sandbox-game which is coded in Java, inspired by Infiniminer, and created by Markus “Notch” Persson. It is furthermore currently being updated and maintained by the company “Mojang AB” which was founded by Notch. In the game, one controls a person who can destroy or create blocks, create structures, creations and art – either alone or with other players. The overall goal of the game is to collect resources and build safe structures to survive against the monsters who appear after dark. Today, Minecraft has over 9.6 million registered users of whom there are over 2.5 million “Beta Accounts”.

The entire game is about constructing. The entire Minecraft world is composed of various rectangular blocks. Each block are or does different things.

The download

How-to / Video guide


It may not be legal to download the game for free. Therefore, this it at own risk.
Furthermore, I take no responsibility for what might happen with you click the link. I can promise you that all links were safe when I tried them. But, unfortunately, malware might have taken over afterwards – even though this is very unlikely. My point: take care :)

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