Garrysmod – for Parents

Has your child been bugging you for Garrysmod?
Can’t find a decent article on what you will find in it?
Look here.

First of all, this is a mod for a game that is M-rated and does require you to at least own any source game

(Counter Strike Source, Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Episode 1, Episode 2)

Lets get started;

What is Garrysmod?

Garrysmod is a sandbox editor where you can create just about anything, ranging from Robots to cars and boats, If you can think it up, you can build it.  You start off with basic tools such as welding, elastic, rope, coloring tools, and more, and you can download addons from their website, such as maps, new tools, new weapons etc…

Can you chat/use a mic?

Yes, if you join a multi-player server, you can talk and chat.  There is a mute option to stop people abusing it.

Do you have to play multiplayer servers?

No, that is completely optional, and you can play on your own, or if your friends have it, you could play with them.

If I did want to buy it, where could I?

Remember, you must have a source game with it, or you can’t play.

Expect to pay from 10-25 dollars for it, and if you do decide to purchase it, happy building!

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  1. C.
    Posted April 15, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    Ok. for one thing, it doesnt require an M-rated game. I first started off w/ Portal, which is rated T.

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