A online game.

Genleo is a MMORPG and is slowly going up and down with it’s players and has a steady game play.

Here is the description of the game. You can do anything pretty much that you could do in the fantasy world. You can have a simple farmers life or be an awesome killer looking for quest or just be a banker and do jobs. There are many things to do as it contains many attributes like fishing and sailing the 7 seas.

The overview of the things to do is to fish on the lake and level up to be able to fish in other places and find diffrent fishes and fight to level to obtain diffrent weapons and upgrade that with gems you get from Fishing the many monsters in the diffrent cities and the wild world. Also to farm and buy land and farm crops and livestock and get a pet to fight alongside you while your killing and magical spells to defeat them. Or to mine in the mines or to control your own empire and create your armoury, command your subjects to attack other empires. And to train your stuffs to surpass others in the glory to be a gladiator. And even have a faith to and touch the wraith blade or the crystal to gain energy to use spells. Or eat at a restaurant and gain energy to fight or explore the wilderness and much much more I mean it there is a lot more.

So all in all i give it a 5/5

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    Good review. :-)

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    Good review.

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