Gta San Andreas How to Get Hunter Without Using Cheats!!!!!!

How to get hunter in gta san andreas WITHOUT CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there is 1 way to get the hunter in gta san andreas its very dangerous but its worth it. This only works if you have already beat the game. To get the hunter you need a fast motorbike i recommend you use the bike that spawns outside the doors of the safehouse or you just fly over with a jetpack . you need full armor, full health, and alot of weapons and ammo. you first drive with your bike to the area 69 base aka the restricted area get in and once you get in automatic 5 star wanted level. drive around until you see the area of the base with the tanks and you should see the hunter there. Just get off the bike or jetpack and kill all the cops the come near you and get in the hunter and fly to your airstip land outside the safehouse. Save and put in your hangar.

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