How 13 Year Old Shooting Mother Over Video Game Will Fuel The Ban on Violent Video Games

With the recent gun debates and many believing the motives behind mass killings are violent video games, this recent event will add fuel to the fire.

Noah Crooks admittedly shot his mom with his .22 rifle because she took the Call of Duty game away from him after he got bad grades in school. This is a tragic story that left me speechless, thoughtless as I read about it, but I couldn’t help to think as a gamer the bad publicity this is gonna bring to the Gaming community.

Many in Washington and in the media were already pointing the finger and blaming video games for the tragic shootings at New Town, the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. The massacre in Oslo, Norway that left 76 dead brought an international debate on violent video games, again, with the aim to ban video games which feature any type of violence. The terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik wrote bout how he used games like Call of Duty to train for the attacks, the fact is the people who committed these crimes had mental problems and should have never been allowed access to firearms in the first place, if he wanted to train he would have trained regardless of video games or not. It is the irresponsibility of the gun shops for not doing proper background checks on these people, heck even people in their right minds can decide to do something so horrendous you can’t just blame it on video games just because the person played video games.

Back to Noah Crooks now, how is a child 13 years old allowed to have access to a gun? That is just beyond me, if you are the owner of a firearm and you are reading this article right now I advise that at this moment in time your firearm is securely locked in a safe place if not, please do so. It is your responsibility as a gun owner to have your gun in a safe place not laying around the house.

This is a tough time but the blame needs to be put where it needs to go, this happened because of the parents irresponsibility. Gretchen Crooks died because of the own gun she bought for her son when he was 11 years old. The father testified that Noah had said before that he wanted to kill his mom, clear signs but they still allowed him to have a gun, a 13 year old kid.

Noah Crooks also suffered from intermittent explosive disorder, a mental illness marked by repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive or violent behavior. The parents knowing this, and after death threats of killing his mother, they still allowed him access to his .22 rifle, on top of that not to be left out; Call of Duty is rated M for mature. The blame falls squarely on the parenting and the repeatedly bad decisions that they made.

We will see how this finally ends up spinning in Washington and in the media. I believe this will be used to try and push a ban on violent M-rated adult video games (that kids are playing), despite the blatant irresponsibility by the parents and mental illness of Noah Crooks.

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